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Yuu Yoshimura

Yuu Yoshimura

Date of Birth
June 27, 1956
Yuu Yoshimura is from Hiroshima Prefecture. He became a writer, a playwright and a director after graduating from Hosei University then working at theater company, Jiyu Gekijo. He works in multiple fields including TV/radio dramas, and small/large theaters as a playwright and a director.
Yuu Yoshimura is also a president of a theater company, Tokyo High Beam.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Movie 1991 My Soul Is Slashed(OriginalWork)
TV Drama 1990 Tokyo Mayutsuba CITY
TV Drama 1991 Masaka Watashi Ga
TV Drama 1992 Reiko's Duel
TV Drama 1993 Right Marriage
TV Drama 1993 Oretachi no Ole!
TV Drama 1994 Monkey
TV Drama 1995 Just Got Married!
Radio Drama 2003 Nippon Happy Days
Radio Drama 2015 Nippon Rolling Days

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
1995 33thGalaxy AwardIncentive Award Sound Fantasy
2001 Hoso Bunka Foundation Award Outstanding Performance Award/Planning Award Nippon Radio Days