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Kento Kaku

Kento Kaku

Date of Birth
July 3, 1989

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
TV From Today, I Will
TV Super Salaryman Mr. Saenai
TV The Woman Who Run Away
TV Burning Flower
TV For N
TV Hara Do Not Cry
TV Hanako & Ann
TV Clover
Movies AI Is Destoryed
Movies Chihayafuru
Movies Misfornue of Kusuo Saki
Movies Moriyamachu Driving School
Movies Oh! Father
Movies Soft Boy
Movies Silver Rain
Stage Plays Nagareyama Bluebird
Stage Plays Young Frankenstein
Stage Plays Hitler
Stage Plays Last 2000 Years-Almost Nothing Happens
Stage Plays Goemon vs Goten
Stage Plays Evil Sprit-Love of the Housemaid
Stage Plays Rent