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Izuru Narushima

Izuru Narushima

Date of Birth
April 16, 1961
While he was at a university, he won a prize at PIA Film Festival with “Midori no Onna (A Green Woman)” . Studied as an assistant director under Shinji Somai and Hideyuki Hirayama. 1994 debut as a scriptwriter with “Osaka Gokudō Sensō Shinoidare (Osaka-Yakuza-War, overwhelm them!)” 2004 debut as a director with “Yudan Taiteki (Carelessness is our greatest enemy)”

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
screenplay (live action) 2001 Shōjo – an adolescent (A Girl – an adolescent)
screenplay (live action) 2002 Warau Kaeru (The Laughing Frog)
screenplay (live action) 2003 T.R.Y.
screenplay (live action) 2003 Shin Jingi naki Tatakai – Bōsatsu (New Battles without Honor and Humanity – a premeditated murder)
screenplay (live action) 2006 Runin (Exile)
screenplay (live action) 2006 Nihon Chinbotsu (Japan sinks)
screenplay (live action) 2008 Tsukiji Uogashi Sandaime (3rd Generation in Tsukiji Fish Market)
screenplay (live action) 2008 Kuraimāzu Hai (Climbers High)
screenplay (live action) 2013 Nōotoko (Brain Man)
screenplay (live action) 2017 Chotto imakara shigoto yamete kuru (I’m going to quit the job now)