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Kengo Kaji

Kengo Kaji

Date of Birth
February 7, 1961
Kengo Kaji is one of the pupils of Kazuo Koike, who wrote the original of “Lone Wolf and Cub.” He debuted as an original manga writer and later joined the film industry, where he directed movies and wrote screenplays. He is a Project Professor of Kanagawa Institue, Faculty of Information Technology, Department of Information Media.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
teleplay (live action) 2000 Ultraman Cosmos
screenplay (live action) 2000 Uzumaki
web series script (live action) 2005 Maggy’s Dog Jr.
teleplay (live action) 2005 Ultraman Max also as director
teleplay (live action) 2005 Garo also as director
teleplay (animated) 2008 Kurozuka
teleplay (live action) 2009 Shitsuji Kissa ni Okaerinasaimase (Welcome Back to Bulter’s Cafe) also as director
teleplay (animated) 2010 Wolverine
screenplay (animated) 2013 Iron Man: Rise of Technovore