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Kemeko Hazuki

Kemeko Hazuki

Date of Birth
June 13
Kemeko Hazuki is from Kita Kyushu Shi, Fukuoka Prefecture. Kemeko Hazuki is a Kita Kyushu Shi Cultural Ambassador. From 1999, Kemeko Hazuki started working as a magazine writer and a songwriter. After working as a writer of TV shows and radio shows, Kemeko Hazuki started working as a scenario writer in 2016. Kemeko Hazuki has done numbers of remarkable writings including “Retribution of Kitakyushu” and “The Book That Will Make You a Songwriter Right Away!”

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Radio Drama 2019 Night Story Box~Shampoo in The Middle of The Night
TV Drama 2018 You May Dream
Radio Drama 2018 Meet You at Takakura Liquor Store
Radio Drama 2017 The Sound to Wait for a Spring
Play 2017 Tobata Gion Yoitosa!
Play 2017 Sansho Shinsui Dramatic Reading - A Man of The Sanzu River
Play 2016 Sansho Shinsui Dramatic Reading - Tokyo River
Play 2016 The Story of The Wakato Bridge

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2017 45th Creative Radio Drama Grand Prize Honorable Mention The Sound to Wait for a Spring
2014 2nd Radio Japan Tomosuke Sugisaki Scenario Writing Award Yearly Most Outstanding Award Terada Store's Old Clock
2013 50th Anniversary of Japan Overseas Cooperative Association Scenario Contest Winning Prize Song of Kale
2013 Organized by MPA/JIMCA × Digital Hollywood University ”Movie Scenario Writing Synopsis Contest” Best 8 Showa Joen