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Nanoha Ito

Nanoha Ito

Date of Birth
December 12
Nanoha Ito has became a writer after working at Cable TV Himawari Network department of Construction and Creation. Nanoha Ito is currently writing scripts for TV shows, radios and movies.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Movie 2016 Hakodate Coffee
Movie (Short Movie ) 2019 mama
Movie (Short Movie ) 2015 Laugh and Grow Fat
Radio Drama 2012-13 AKB Radio Drama Theater
WEB Drama 2012 Soft Wind that Blows from the West

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2019 Hashida Cultural Foundation Hashida Scenatio Writing Rookie of the Year Award The Spider's Thread
2013 Hakodate Horbor Illumination Film Festival Scenario Grand Prize Hakodate Coffee
2011 Scenario Grand Prize of the South Grand Prize Soft Wind that Blows from the West
2011 Isama Studio Film Festival Jomo News Paper Prize (A)is Ah-chan's A
2009 Igo Manga Original Story Competition Honorable Mention Shooting Star☆Twinkle