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Tsutomu Shirado

Tsutomu Shirado

Date of Birth
November 16, 1968
English level
Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Rikkyo University. Production, Marketing and Business at Victor Company of Japan, LTD. After resigning from the company, he wrote scripts for more than 80 episodes of 40 series for films, V-cinema including films directed by well-known directors. Has also written scripts for Korean and Chinese films

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
screenplay (live action) 2014 Danger Dolls Directed by Shusuke Kaneko
screenplay (live action) 2010 Sayonara Natsuyasumi (Goodbye Summer Holiday)
teleplay (animated) 2008 Kurozuka (Black Grave) Produced by Madhouse
screenplay (live action) 2007 Tantei monogatari (A Detective Story) Directed by Takashi Miike
screenplay (live action) 2007 Namida de ippaini natta PET bottle (A bottle filled with tears)
other scripts 2005 Busōsensen Seifugun vs Kakumeigun (The Front of Armament Gov’t vs Revolutionary) Under the pen name of Yuichi Kirishima
other scripts 2005 Hokoritakaki Yabō (Proud Ambition)
Novel 2013 Shi no Tori (The Deathbird)
Novel 2014 The Beast of Fire
other scripts 2019 Soshiki o Shinkan Saseta Otoko 1, 2 (The Man Who Threatened the Syndicate) Under the pen name of Kongōji Ashura

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2005 3rd DV Cinema Grand Prize, Award for Best Screenplay