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Jumpei Yamaoka

Jumpei Yamaoka

Date of Birth
September 8, 1983
English level
Business level
Jumpei Yamaoka is from Hyogo prefecture. He worked on plays during high school and university, then started his career as a writer from 2008 with “Yonimo Kimyo na Monogatari” after graduating from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
Now, he mainly writes scenarios of dramas and movies with categories of suspense, horror and comedy. In 2019, he wrote scripts of Tokusatsu for the first time.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Movie 2019 Kishiryu Sentai RyusoulgerTHE MOVIE
Movie 2018 honey
Movie 2017 Peach Girl
Movie 2017 Impossibility Defense
Movie 2016 Bloody Doll
TV Drama 2019 Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger
TV Drama 2019 Perfect Crime
TV Drama 2019 Kamen Dousou Kai
TV Drama 2018 Kōjin
TV Drama 2018 Yonimo Kimyou na Monogatari