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Izumi Fujimori(Mio Asoh)

Izumi Fujimori(Mio Asoh)

Date of Birth
April 2, 2019
English level
Conversational level
After working as an editor, Izumi Fujimori starts her career as a writer with Tuesday Suspense Theater.
She writes scripts for NHK education TV shows, dramas, suspense TV dramas and movies.
Besides her writing work, she teaches at courses of Writers Guild of Japan and Nihon University Department of Arts and Theater.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
TV Drama 1992 Tuesday Suspense Theater ”The Heir Chosen by Gods”
TV Drama 2012 Purser Natsuko Himuro
TV Drama 2003 Middle Schooler's Diary - ”The Reason of Name”
TV Drama 2004-2005 Sawayaka 3 Kumi
TV Drama 2002-2004 Nijiiro Teiki Bin
Radio Drama 2002 FMTheater ”Red Bus”
Movie 2007 Promise
Novel 2001 Sengoku Busho Retsu Den(Samurai Biographies)
Play 2006 Needless Forest
play script(translation) 2005 Keiji(Translated to Italian and French as“Casterman”)