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Homei Takita

Homei Takita

Date of Birth
April 18, 1955
English level
Conversational level
Homei Takita was born in 1955 and from Ooita prefecture.
In 1983, he studied writing at Writers Guild of Japan.
In 1984, he worked at East Co., Ltd.
In 1986, he started working as a freelance.
In 1989, he worked on the production of “Untamagiru” directed by Gou Takamine.
From 2013, he has been an executive of Writers Guild of Japan.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
TV Documentary 1988 Masahiro Ogi Wants to Know This!
TV Documentary 1993 eiji Ozawa and Saito Kinen Orchestra ”The Peers Gathering Over the World”
TV Documentary 1997 Tokyo National Opera House Opening Celebration ”The Origin of Japanese Opera”
TV Documentary 2004 ”Akira Ifukube - The Man Who Made a Gorilla into a Music”
TV Documentary 2005 Iitabi Yume Kibun
TV Documentary 2008 The Earth Thousand-Year Traveling Story - Learn from the Knowledge of Indigenous People
Play 2011 Kids Musical ”Sun at Hija River”
TV Documentary 2016 The Nonfiction
Play 2017 Kids Musical ”Chomato Neko Kaigi”
TV Documentary 2018 Waza ni Semaru!

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2000 BS Broadcasting Federation Grand Prize Takao Okamura - The Dream of Opera
2003 Science Channel Science Sector 1 Moving Image Grand Prize Scientists with a Dream