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Mika Umeda

Mika Umeda

Date of Birth
February 1, 1965
English level
Mika Umeda was born in Tokyo. She is the first female child of Umeda Haruo, a writer. She studied at Keio Academy from preschool, then graduated from Keio University Department of Literature. Later, she became a writer/a screenwriter after working as an editor and framework writer. Her well-known works include a novel; “Ocean and Pearls”, “Étoile” series, “Love Story of a Book Store Clerk”, essays; “Aijin no Okite”, drama series scripts; “Omizu no Hanamichi”, “Yoiko no Mikata”, “Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out” and “A Warrior in a Nurse Costume!”.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Novel 1993 Wakare no 12 Kagetsu
Novel 2007 Toshi Shita Renai
Novel 2008 Love Story of a Book Store Clerk
Novel 2012 Ocean and Pearls
Nonfiction(Essay) 1997- ”Aijin no Okite” Series
TV Drama 1999 Omizu no Hanamichi
TV Drama 2000 Another Kiss
TV Drama 2003 Rain, Rain Go Away!
TV Drama 2019 A Warrior in a Nurse Costume!
Novel 2016-2019 ”Étoile” Series 1~6

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2015 Sakenomi Shotenin Grand Prize Ocean and Pearls