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Mari Hayama

Mari Hayama

Date of Birth
September 2, 2019
English level
Conversational level
Mari Hayama is a songwriter, a broadcast script writer, a scenario writer and a playwright.
After working as a copywriter, she worked on many products as a songwriter. Mari Hayama has also done many other creative works such as broadcasting script writing, opera script writing and novel writing.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Song Writing 不明 NHK Minna no Uta ”Okashi no Birthday Party”
Song Writing 不明 NHK Minna no Uta ”Crab Dance” ”Honey Bees” ”Circus of Dolphins” etc.
Song Writing 2008 Gettouka (Rimi Natsukawa)
Song Writing 2007 ”Kimi no Uta” (Billy BanBan)
Song Writing 2013 ”Ima wa Konomama” (Billy BanBan) (Risa Ono)
Play 2006 Brilliant Mozart
Novel 2006 Everyday Mozert ”Forever Mozart”
Nonfiction 2008 Graphic Explanation of Mozart
TV Documentary 2009 The Land of Gods - Tibet
TV Drama 2016,2019 Kamogawa Dining

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2016 Kuwasawa Premium Award