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Kazuo Kame

Kazuo Kame

Date of Birth
February 21, 1958
English level
Conversational level
Kazuo Kame focused on movie production while being in a university. He became a broadcasting script writer and a director after working as a freelance writer. After, he started working for stage production as well.
Now, Kazuo Kame is a producer of documentaries/movies/plays/Rakugo/Minyo shows, a writer and a novel writer.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Play 2006 Makoto Matsui Version - Shin Yotsuya Kaidan
Play 2011 Makoto Matsui Version Izayoi Seishin
Produce 2016 Korea Non-Verbal Musical CHEF in Japan
Produce 2019 The Ballet Grandiva's Men in Tutus in Japan
Movie 2015 Sakura Flower - The Last Suicide Attack with Ohka
Movie(Produce) 2019 A Tall Chimney in a Town (Original Work Done by Jiro Nitta)
TV Documentary 2018 Maki's Retirement Plan (Married Life of Gay and Lesbian Couple)
TV Documentary 2019 The Pacific War of Rakugo Performers - The Mystery of Rakugo, Prohibited Rakugo and National Policies

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2015 Tokyo Prefecturally Recommended Film Sakura Flower - The Last Suicide Attack with Ohka
2019 Tokyo Prefecturally Recommended FilmA Tall Chimney in a Town