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Tsukasa Nishikawa

Tsukasa Nishikawa

Date of Birth
August 23, 1958
English level
Conversational level
Tsukasa Nishikawa started working as a writer after being nominated for open offer from “Night Drama House” by Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. Later, he works in multiple fields including radio shows, TV shows, original manga and novels.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
TVAnime 1993 Japanese Old Stories by Manga
TV Documentary 1993-1999 Odoroki Momonoki 20th Century
TV Drama(Puppet Theater) 2000-2009 With Mother - Goo Choco Lantan
play script(translation) 2016 Gokuraku Tonbo
play script(translation) 2002 Insurance Investigator - Ryou
Novel 2015 Himawari no Kacchan
Novel 2010 Detective's Cross
Novel 2014 Foreign Child
TV Drama 2007 Absconder Orin
TV Drama 1996 Shōgun no Onmitsu!Kage Jūhachi