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Saydo Fujii

Saydo Fujii

Date of Birth
October 20, 1955
English level
At the age of 23, Saydo Fujii was nominated for “Shinichi Hoshi Short Short Contest” Since that, he started working as a writer, a drama screenwriter and a playwright. He has written novel, essays, drama scripts, Rakugo and puppet play(ventriloquism) scripts.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Novel 1987-1990 “Dead Man Refuses No Shinachiku” Series
Novel 1987 Ai to Seishun no Sanbaiman
Radio Drama 1993 In the Unbeheld Forest
Novel 2005 The Town That No None Rushes
Novel 2007 Everyday Radio
Novel 2015 The City Like You
Nonfiction(Essay) 2017 Revealing Japanese Traditions

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
1979 Shinichi Hoshi Short Short Contest Outstanding Performance Award Modified Model Gun
1993 The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Outstanding Performance Award Radio Drama “Drifter’s Adventure in Tatar”
2008 Galaxy Award Radio Incentive Award The Comedy Skit on Tests