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Takahiro Tanaka

Takahiro Tanaka

Date of Birth
March 3, 1972
Produced independent films while at Waseda University in the Society for Movies. After graduating from the University he wrote scripts for theaters, worked as a sceneshifter and studied under scriptwriter Fumio Ishimori. Assistant Director, Editing Assistant and debut as a scriptwriter with “One Liter of Tears”

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
screenplay (live action) 2019 Inakunaru (Gone)
play script(translation) 2016 Kenkaku Shōbai (A swordsman’s business)
Play script 2016 Ai no Onimotsu (Burden of Love)
Play script 2015 Yurei nagaya wa ōsawagi (Slacpstick in Ghosts’ tenement houses)
teleplay (live action) 2012 HONTOU NO EGAO (Real Smile)
Play script 2011 Shikou Munakata Story
screenplay (live action) 2009 Nen’nen Saisai (Year after Year)
teleplay (live action) 2008 Magister Negi Magi
screenplay (live action) 2007 Zero woman R - Woman in Div.0, Tokyo Metropolitan Police
screenplay (live action) 2007 One Liter of Tears

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2007 My Favorite Movie Award at China International Film Festival One Liter of Tears