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Souzou Tonami

Souzou Tonami

Date of Birth
January 25, 1966
Graduate of Osaka University, Faculty of Human Sciences. Attended 18th Scenario Course of Japan Writers Guild. 1996: debut with animated film “Saint Tail”. 2000-2008: full-time lecturer at Tokyo Game Creators’ Academy, Planning and Game Scenario course. Since 2008 part-time lecturer at Bunkyo University, Faculty of Information and Communications (game designing, creation of a game world)

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
video game scenario 2017 Etānaru Sutādasuto (Eternal Stardust Reference book linked game
video game scenario 2016-2019 Moe! Ninja Girls Social Game
video game scenario 2010 Radiant Historia RPG Game
video game scenario 2009 Yūsuke Yamada – wā-rudo pazuru, bokura no 48 jikan sensō (World Puzzle, our 48 hours’ War) Adventure
video game scenario 2009-2012 Sakura Amidst Chaos Social Game
video game scenario 2008 Garireo DS (Galileo DS) Adventure
video game scenario 2005-2007 The Kanshikikan series (The Forensic Scientist – series) Adventure
teleplay (animated) 2001 Detective Conan Mystery
video game scenario 1999 Ramen Hashi (Ramen Bridge) Simulation
teleplay (animated) 1996 Saint Tail Mystery