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Taro Ikeda

Taro Ikeda

Date of Birth
March 5, 1940
After graduating from Tokyo Gakugei University, Taro Ikeda experienced working as an office worker and a teacher for disabled children, and later joined Japan Writers Guild. He studied under the late Kei Kumai and is now writing “Nagoya Abekku Satsujin Jiken (Couple’s Murder in Nagoya).”

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  1. TITLE

    Manchuria: Money and Sabers

    Genre: Drama , Historical

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
teleplay (live action) 1982 Onihei Hankacho: Fukagawa Chidoribashi and others
Play script 1989 Tsujidachi Rotsu: Basho Ibun (On-Street Rotsu: The Unusual Story) appeared in “Higeki Kigeki (Tragedies and Comedies).”
teleplay (live action) 1990 Little Step: Inochi no Kagiri Odoritai (A Little Step: Dance to the Last Breath)
screenplay (live action) 1992 Luminous Moss
teleplay (live action) 2001 Shikeidai no Ropeway (Ropeway to the Gallows)
screenplay (live action) 2004 Onigiri (Rice Balls)
screenplay (live action) 2007 Nihon no Aozora (Japan’s Blue Sky)
teleplay (live action) 2010 Nanshuo Ibun: Oidon wa Marugoshi Heiwa Shisetsu de Kankoku e Yuku (The unusual story of Nanshuo: I would go to Korea Unarmed as a Peace Ambassador)
screenplay (live action) 2011 This One Thing I Do
other scripts 2018 Hagoku (Prison Break) (Appeared in the December issue of “Monthly Scenario.” Not made into a movie.) Collaboration with Kei Kumai

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
1978 Honorable Mention in the 28th Film Scenario Award for New Writers Kagirinaki Toso “A Boundless Getaway”
1979 Accepted to the 17th TV scenario contest Fuyu no Dokuritsu “Independent in Winter”
1984 The second place in the 9th Kido Prize Yume no Machi no Satsujinsha: Shi wa Waga Tomo “Murdrer of a Dream Town: Death is my Friend”
1996 Nominated for the 6th Kikuchi Kan Drama Prize presented by Bungeishunju Waga Sangetsuki “My Sangetsuki”