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Shinji Higuchi

Shinji Higuchi

Date of Birth
Born in Tokyo. Higuchi entered GAINAX after graduating from high school. In 1995, he worked on ”Gamera: Guardian of the Universe” as a tokusatsu (special photography) director and was awarded the Special Prize at the Japan Academy Prize. He also participated in the animation series ”Neon Genesis Evangelion” (1996) where he worked on the storyboard and screenplay. In 2016, he directed the movie ”Shin Godzilla”.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Movie (Live-Action) 2022 Shin Ultraman
TV (Animation) 2018 Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan
Movie (Live-Action) 2016 Shin Godzilla
Movie (Live-Action) 2015 Attack on Titan
Movie (Live-Action) 2012 The Floating Castle
Movie (Live-Action) 2008 Hidden Fortress: The Last Princess
Movie (Live-Action) 2006 Sinking of Japan
Movie (Live-Action) 2005 Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific Ocean
Movie (Live-Action) 1996 Gamera 2: Attack of Legion
Movie (Live-Action) 1995 Gamera: Guardian of the Universe

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
- 40th Japan Academy Prize/ Director of the Year Shin Godzilla
- 19th Japan Academy Prize Special Prize Gamera: Guardian of the Universe