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Mari Asato

Mari Asato

Date of Birth
March 14, 1976
After working as Kiyoshi Kurosawa's assistant director, Asato made her director debut with the movie ”Girls for Independence” (2004). Many of her movies have been shown on film festivals including ”Bilocation” (2014 at Udine Far East Film Festival, Stockholm Film festival), ”Fatal Frame: The Movie” (2014 at Stockhokm Film Festival), ”Hyouka” (2017 at Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival).

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Movie (Live-Action) 2004 Samurai Chicks (Girls for Independence)
Movie (Live-Action) 2004 The Boy From Hell (Jigoku Kozou)
Movie (Live-Action) 2009 Ju-on: Black Ghost
Movie (Live-Action) 2012 The Chasing World 3, 4, 5
Movie (Live-Action) 2014 Bilocation
Movie (Live-Action) 2014 Fatal Frame: The Movie
Movie (Live-Action) 2017 Hyouka
Movie (Live-Action) 2019 Under Your Bed
TV (Live-Action) 2021 We Are Just Not Divorced
TV (Live-Action) 2022 『星新一の不思議な不思議な短編ドラマ』『善良な市民同盟 前・後編』