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Tatsushi Momen

Tatsushi Momen

Date of Birth
March 15, 1973
'KOO-KI president. Momen is directing commercials, music videos, game openings, program packages, digital signage displays and more. He was awarded numerous prizes for works like his short animation "Sushi Police" and Yasutaka Nakata's "White Cube" music video. Visit the official website: https://koo-ki.co/directors/tatsushi-momen/

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
TV (Animation) 2022 Coca Cola Japan/GEORGIA×TinyTAN TV ad
TV (Live-Action) 2022 Kao Singapore/Magiclean TV CM
TV (Live-Action) 2021 McDonald's Japan/Sweets Trio Fruchu“Debut” TV ad
TV (Animation) 2020 ZENT Co., Ltd/“Asobi tai wa, kataomoi. Asobu wa ryō omoi.” Corporate ad
Stream (Live-Action) 2019 Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd./HOT PEPPER beauty Web ad
Stream (Live-Action) 2018 MeniconMiru ”Moshimo Shop” Part WEB CM
Stream (Live-Action) 2018 Yasutaka Nakata ”White Cube” MV
Stream (Live-Action) 2018 Asahi Group Dear-Natura Active "Sports rendo" Part WEB CM
Stream (Animation) 2016 SUSHI POLICE
TV (Animation) 2015 Marui "Maruko and Maruo's 7 days" TV CM

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2022 39th CODO award (2022)、 FCC Award(2021)/Masahiro Wakuda Prize “Oshima Ims THE LAST SHOW” TV ad
2021 61th ACC (2021)/AREA FINALIST ZENT Co., Ltd/“Asobi tai wa, kataomoi. Asobu wa ryō omoi.” Corporate ad
2019 SHORT to the Point [SEMI FINALIST], TOP SHORTS JUNE 2019 [Best Music Video] Short Film Factory 2019[FINALIST]、 rolling ideas[WINNER] Yasutaka Nakata ”White Cube” MV
2017 2nd CGWORLD AWARDS [Prize for best work CG Animation section nomination], VFX-JAPAN Awards 2017 [TV program section Outstanding performance award] The Hollywood Reporter [THE 2015 CANNES POSTER AWARDS] SUSHI POLICE
2015 37th Telly Awards Art [Direction Silver], Asia Digital Art Award [Entertainment section Excellence Award], VFX-JAPAN Award 2015 [CM/Promotion Video section Outstanding performance award] Marui "Maruko and Maruo's 7 days" TV CM