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Ichiyo Izawa

Ichiyo Izawa

Date of Birth
July 4, 1976
Izawa formed the 3-piece band Appa in 2004. Although he is mainly a pianist, he is also a lyricist, composer, and arranger. Izawa joined Tokyo Jihen in 2005 and played a major role in the band throughout its second phase. He has been involved with the rock group the HIATUS since 2009. Izawa’s music centers on rock and jazz, and teems with un-predictable changes. His lyrics are filled with empathy and unique perspectives. Be-cause of his distinctive style, Izawa’s music has attracted many fans including his fellow musicians. He has collaborated with many artists including Aiko, Ohashi Trio, Rina Katahira, Maaya Sakamoto, Saori Yuki, Kayoko Yoshizawa, and Kenshi Yonezu.

Outstanding works

Title Artist Affiliation Notes
Gyakkou Maaya Sakamoto main theme song for Fate/Grand Order–Cosmos in the Lostbelt
Killer-Tune Tokyo Jihen
Sake to Geko Tokyo Jihen
Electrical Transmission Tokyo Jihen
Barabara Battle Shiho Nanba

Performing artists

Artist Notes
Shiho Nanba
Ohashi Trio
Asako Toki
Rie Tomisaka