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Date of Birth
May 27, 1995
RIRIKO started playing the guitar at the age of 11. She began composing when she was in middle school. She has been performing live since her high school years and attend-ed the Tokyo College of Music. She continued her musical endeavors while attending university. She made her major debut with the single “Sono Mirai e.” It became the opening theme song for Lantis’ animation series Children of the Whales, which aired on October 25, 2017. She later went on to start her career as a composer when she worked on voice actress Maaya Uchida’s 8th single “Youthful Beautiful.” This piece be-came the ending theme song for SSSS.GRIDMAN.

Outstanding works

Title Artist Affiliation Notes
Youthful Beautiful Maaya Uchida (ending theme song for animation series SSSS.GRIDMAN) lyrics, composition, arrangement
Sono Mirai e RIRIKO (opening theme song for animation Children of the Whales) lyrics, composition, performance
Ring a Bell RIRIKO (ending theme song for Nintendo Switch game Shiritsu Berubara Gakuen: Versailles no Bara Re*imagination) lyrics, composition, perfor-mance

Performing artists

Artist Notes
Maaya Uchida
Miku Ito
SSSS.GRIDMAN character songs by Borr (Aoi Yuki)
SSSS.GRIDMAN character songs by Rikka Takarada (Yume Miya-moto)