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Koji Matsuzaka

Koji Matsuzaka

Matsuzaka is the man behind many trending anime songs. In his career he has focused on writing for TV anime series and voice actors. He is consistently adding new pages to Japanese anime song history with his memorable hooks and spicy sound design. Riding on the waves of contemporary anime music, his compositions using frequent modulation are especially well-received. “Rolling Sankaku (Rolling Triangle)” written for THE IDOLM@STER was a smash hit, which ranked second on the Oricon hit chart.

Outstanding works

Title Artist Affiliation Notes
I'm with you Latina (voiced by: Kanon Takao) opening theme song for TV anime series If it’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord
Rolling Sankaku(Rolling Triangle) THE IDOLM@STER game app THE IDOLM@STER: MILLION LIVE! THEATER DAYS
Sign Aya Uchida ending theme song for TV anime series The Quintessential Quintuplets
Pretty Channel The World Standard ending theme song for TV anime series Kiratto Pri Chan
Daisuki. Arigato.(I Love you. Thank you.) petit milady

Performing artists

Artist Notes
Hachimitsu Rocket
Asami Imai
Rie Murakawa
petit milady
Nobuhiko Okamoto