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Shintaro Akiyama

Shintaro Akiyama

Date of Birth
July 8, 1982
Basketball, skateboarding, billiards, baseball
Reading, running, bonsai arranging
Blood type
In 2009, Shintaro Akiyama joined GEKIDAN EXILE and began his career as an actor. He has performed in many stage plays such as Musical: The Prince of Tennis (2018) and THE MENSETSU (2014), as well as dramas and films, including Rokudenashi Blues (2011/NTV), Sugarless (2012/NTV), Power Office Girls 2013 (2013/CX), jam (2018), Boku ni, Aitakatta, and the High & Low series (2015-2017).

Akiyama was the Associate Producer for the film jam (2018) and the Scriptwriter for the film Boku ni, Aitakatta. Additionally, he published his first novel Ichinen de, Ichiban Kimi ni Tooi Hi on July 11, 2019.

He is expanding his career opportunities across a variety of fields.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Movies 2019 Boku ni, Aitakatta as Yuta Sakamoto
Movies December 1, 2018 jam as Yamashita (directed by SABU)
Dramas 2013 2013 Power Office Girls Episode 3
Dramas 2012 Sugarless as Udo
Dramas 2011 Rokudenashi Blues as Hiroshi Shimabukuro
Drama and Films 2015 - 2017 HiGH&LOW: The Movie 3 - Final Mission as Takano (directed by Shigeaki Kubo, Tsuyoshi Nakakuki)
Stage Plays 2018 Black Lizard -Zenbi- (Director & Dramatization: Masafumi Saito)
Stage Plays 2014 THE MENSETSU (Screenwriter & Director: Shogo Kashida)
Stage Plays 2008 The Prince of Tennis -The Imperial Presence The Treasure Match Shitenhoji feat. Hyotei (Screenwriter: Hideki Mitsui, Director: Yukio Ueshima)
Stage Plays 2008 The Prince of Tennis -The Imperial Presence Hyotei feat. Higa (Screenwriter: Hideki Mitsui, Director: Yukio Ueshima)

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