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Yuta Ozawa

Yuta Ozawa

Date of Birth
October 8, 1985
Breakdancing, handstands
Cooking, golf, bouldering
Blood type
In 2009, Yuta Ozawa started his career as an actor after passing the first GEKIDAN EXILE audition.
He has gained a lot of experience in the drama Ultraman Geed and stage plays like Akatsuki no Mikado -Jinshin no Ran Hen-, Hachioji Zombies (2018), and PSYCHO-PASS Virtue and Vice (2019), and films such as the HiGH&LOW series, jam, and Ultraman Geed the Movie: Connect the Wishes! He will also appear in the upcoming films Hit Me Anyone One More Time (release date: 9/13/2019 in Japan) and Hachioji Zombies (release date: 2020 Spring).
He took up cooking and eventually developed his own brand, “Otoko THE Meshi.” He has since created his own signature dishes at the LDH kitchen.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Movies 2019 Hit Me Anyone One More Time
Movies 2020 Hachioji Zombies
Movies 2018 jam as Sera (Director: SABU)
Dramas 2018 EX The Guide to Late Night Bad Love Episode 7 as Higo
Dramas 2018 EX Koshiji Fubuki Monogatari as Shuji Sakuma
Drama and Films 2015 - 2017 HiGH&LOW series as Kato Shu
Drama and Films 2017 - 2018 Ultraman Geed as Leito Igaguri (Ultraman Zero)
Stage Plays 2019 PSYCHO-PASS Virtue and Vice Screenwriter: Makoto Fukami, Director: Katsuyuki Motohiro
Stage Plays 2018 Hachioji Zombies Screenwriter & Director: Osamu Suzuki
Stage Plays 2018 Akatsuki no Mikado -Jinshin no Ran Hen- Screenwriter & Director: Yasuro Ito