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Kota Yamada

Kota Yamada

Date of Birth
March 23, 1954
English level
Kota Yamada worked for Nikkatsu Corporation from 1978 to 1984 as a member of planning division and a film producer. He later wrote scripts for his works and produced them in an independent film and television company. In 1994, he joined Japan Writers Guild. Currently he is a member of its board of directors and a professor of Osaka University of Arts, Visual Concept Planning Department.

Original project proposals by creators seeking for potential partners

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  1. TITLE

    48 – Yonpachi Sister Detectives in a Lawless Zone

    Genre: Action/Adventure , Crime
  2. TITLE

    The World Isn’t Waiting for You –Mojomojo–

    Genre: Comedy , Romance , Youth
  3. TITLE

    We’ll Do as We Please!!

    Genre: Kids/Family , Comedy , Drama

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
film production 1983 The Family Game
screenplay 1990 Good Breast, Bad Breast prodeced by Yamada and written under his pen name Koganemidori
screenplay 1993 Samayoeru Nozui (The Wandering Brain) written under his pen name Koganemidori
screenplay 1998 Coquille
screenplay 2000 The Happy Family Plan
screenplay 2002 Gomen
screenplay 2004 Tetsujin 28
screenplay 2007 A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies
screenplay 2011 My Wife
screenplay 2013 Oshin

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
1983 “The Family Game” got Best Picture Award in a variety of film contests such as Japan Academy Prize, Mainichi Film Awards, Blue Ribbon Awards, Hochi Film Award, Yokohama Film Festival and others.
2001 “The Happy Family Plan” got Gold Remi Award in WorldFest Houston International Film Festival