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Norio Kida

Norio Kida

Date of Birth
May 27, 1970
Norio Kida graduated from Waseda University, School of Commerce. He experienced working at a film making company and later became a freelance assitant director. In 1994 he debuted as a playwright with his movie “Totsuzen Honoo no Gotoku (Suddenly Like a Flame).” Since then he has been active in writing scripts for works of various fields including movies and TV series. 2021- Lecturer at Kyoto University of the Arts, Department of Film Studies.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
teleplay and director (live action) 2021 Izakaya Shinkansen
teleplay and director (live action) 2020 Hamura Akira: Sekai de Mottomo Fuun'na Tantei (Akira Hamura: The World's Unluckiest Detective)
web series script (live action) 2018 Utsu Nuke (A Way Out of Depression)
screenplay (live action) 2012 Hasami
screenplay (live action) 2009 Elite Yankee Saburo
screenplay (live action) 2007 Waruboro
screenplay (live action) 2004 Angel in the Box
screenplay (live action) 2003 Battle Royale II [Requiem]
screenplay (live action) 2001 Getting Wild with Our Monkey
screenplay (live action) 1996 Kiss Me

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2003 Best Screenplay in the 58th Mainichi Film Award Battle Royale II [Requiem]