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Haruko Fukushima

Haruko Fukushima

English level
Conversational level
Haruko Fukushima debuted in 2002 with a TV Asahi’s two-hour drama. She is great at suspense and mystery.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
screenplay (live action) 2004 Three... Extremes (box) a co-production omnibus film by Japan, Korea and Hong Kong
teleplay (live action) 2019 Kinkyu Torishirabeshitsu 3rd Season (3 wa, 8 wa) (The Emergency Investigation Room Third Season (Episodes 3 and 8))
teleplay (live action) 2007-2018 Kyoto Minami Sho Kanshiki File (4 ~ 12) (Criminal Identification File of Kyoto Minami Police Station (4 ~ 12)) series
teleplay (live action) 2006-2014 Onsen Wakaokami no Satsujin Suiri (17 ~ 28) (Murder Mystery of a Young Proprietress of an Onsen Inn (17 ~ 28)) series
teleplay (live action) 2013,2015 Yamamura Misa Suspense Kuro no Kassoro (4, 5) (Yamamura Misa’s Suspense: A Black Runway (4, 5)) series
teleplay (live action) 2016 Tokumei Shikikan Goma Ayaka (Mission Commander Ayaka Goma)
teleplay (live action) 2012 Iryu Sosa (Investigation Using Things That Were Left on the Scene)
teleplay (live action) 2010 Keishicho Shissoninka (Missing People Division of the Metropolitan Police Department)
teleplay (live action) 2006 The Best Friend of Beautiful Anna
teleplay (live action) 2006 Angel’s Ladder