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Koudai Iwatsubo

Koudai Iwatsubo

Date of Birth
March 5, 1984
Koudai is self-taught and started to play the guitar when he was in elemen-tary school. After building up experience in a band, he started his career as a songwriter in 2009.
He produces and arranges a variety of music genres, including J-Pop, idol songs, and anime songs. He is enthusiastic about working with producers abroad.
Recently, more attention is being paid to Koudai as his songs are starting to appear in several dramas and anime.

Outstanding works

Title Artist Affiliation Notes
Thank you, FRIENDS!! Aqours
OVER Little Glee Monster opening theme for Boruto: Naruto Next Gen-erations
Fantastic Time Hey!Say!JUMP opening theme for Time Bokan 24
Have a nice day Kana Nishino theme song for Mezamashi TV
Hikari Arashi

Performing artists

Artist Notes
Hey! Say! JUMP
Sexy Zone
Kana Nishino
Little Glee Monster