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Takashi Saeki

Takashi Saeki

Date of Birth
November 20, 1983
In 2003, one of Takashi’s songs was used in a TV commercial, and in 2008 another was used as the opening song for Zettai Karen Children. After that, he was drawn to making anime songs.
As his first musical inspiration was from a movie, he creates a great deal of songs that paint vivid scenes in the minds of those who listen.
Most recently he started to work with a game developer in Taiwan and is con-tinuing to expand his writing field past animation and games.

Outstanding works

Title Artist Affiliation Notes
WATER BLUE NEW WORLD/WONDERFUL STORIES Aqours Aqours (theme song for Love Live! Sunshine!)
Over The Future Karen Girl opening song for Psychic Squad: Zettai Karen Children
Highlight Ayaka Ohashi opening song for Million Arthur
Kibou TRAVELER AOP opening song for Time Travel Girl: Mari, Waka, and the Eight Scientists
Vivid Telepathy Nami Tamaki ending song for Argevollen

Performing artists

Artist Notes
Ayaka Ohashi