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Yukinari Hanawa

Yukinari Hanawa

Date of Birth
January 15, 1965
Yukinari Hanawa started being involved in making movies as a freelance assistant director from the late period of production of Nikkatsu Roman Porno. He has studied under Chusei Sone, Noboru Tanaka, Masaru Konuma, Shun Nakahara and Kaizo Hayashi. In 1995 he debuted as a movie director with “Tokyo Skin.”

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
TV documentary planning and directing (live action) 1992 Next Batter’s Circle
screenplay 1995 Tokyo Skin
Screenplay, direction (live action) 2006 First Love
TV directing (live action) 2008 Wild Life: Veterinarians Without Borders - China
movie directing (live action) 2010 My Wife
TV directing on Japanese part 2011 Japan-France Coproduction “Volcano Devils”

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
1992 The First Place at Television Division of Kansai News Photographs Next Batter’s Circle
1995 Special Jury Award at Fukuoka Asian Film Festival Tokyo Skin
2010 Shindo Kaneto Award My Wife