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Makoto Naito

Makoto Naito

Date of Birth
March 6, 1936
English level
Conversational level
After graduating from Waseda University, School of Political Science and Economics, Makoto Naito started working at Toei. He debuted as a movie director with “Furyo Bancho: Okuri Okami (School Gang Leader: Demon Chaperon)” in 1969. In 1970 he debuted as a playwright with “Chizome no Daimon (Bloody Crest).” While writing and translating, he experienced working as a professor of Chubu University, Faculty of Humanities. He directed “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” in 2011 and “Shuchu Nikki (The Diary of a Drunkard) in 2015.”

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  1. TITLE

    A Graceful Revenge: Toru Sunouchi, Youth in His 60s

    Genre: Drama , Historical , Youth

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
movie direction (live action) 1969 Furyo Bancho: Okuri Okami (School Gang Leader: Demon Chaperon)
screenplay and direction (live action) 1973 Neon Kurage (Neon Jellyfish)
movie direction (live action) 1973 Bankaku Rock (Ranking Boss Rock)
screenplay and direction (live action) 1975 13 Steps of Maki: The Young Aristocrats
screenplay and direction (live action) 1979 The Fall of Teenager
screenplay and direction (live action) 1980 Toki no Musume (Daughter of the Time)
screenplay and direction (live action) 1982 Zokubutsu Zukan (The Book of Snobs)
screenplay and direction (live action) 1986 Star
movie direction (live action) 2011 Cry Tomorrow
movie direction (live action) 2015 Shuchu Nikki (The Diary of a Drunkard)

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
1979 The Minister of Education Award at the Educational Film Contest Watanbe
1980 Best Film in Education Film Festival, Best Work and Prime Miniter’s Award in Animal Protection Movie Contest Living Creatures and Friend in Classroom
1984 Independent Film Award at the 9th Film Festival for Film Fans, Current Osaka Film Festival Zokubutsu Zukan (The Book of Snobs)
1993 Distinguished Service Award for Translation Henry Black: On Stage in Meiji Japan
2013 Distinguished Service Award at Japan Weiters Guild