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Shuichi Okita

Shuichi Okita

Date of Birth
In 2002, Okita received the Grand Prix at the 7th Mito Short Film Festival for his movie ”Sharing a Hotpot (Nabe to tomodachi)”. In 2006, he directed his first feature-length movie ”Ryoichi & Kiyoshi” and then debuted as a commercial film director in 2009 with ”The Chef of South Polar”. Okita received the Kaneto Shindo Award Gold Prize for this movie, which is an acknowledgement sent to the most outstanding new directors of that year.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Movie (Live-Action) 2009 The Chef of South Polar
Movie (Live-Action) 2012 The Woodsman and the Rain
Movie (Live-Action) 2013 A Story of Yonosuke
Movie (Live-Action) 2016 The Mohican Comes Home
Movie (Live-Action) 2018 Mori, The Artist's Habitat
TV (Live-Action) 2016 Hibana: Spark
Movie (Live-Action) 2020 Ora, Ora Be Goin' Alone
Movie (Live-Action) 2021 Kodomo wa Wakatte Agenai
Movie (Live-Action) 2022 The Fish Tale
TV (Live-Action) 2023 0.5の男

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2003 7th Mito Short Film Festival Grand Prix Sharing a Hotpot
2009 Kaneto Shindo Award Gold Prize, 1st Japan Theater Staff Film Festival Director Award, 29th Fujimoto Award The Chef of South Polar
2014 23rd Japanese Professional Movie Awards Best Director A Story of Yonosuke
2018 40th Yokohama Film Festival Best Screenplay Mori, The Artist's Habitat
2019 45th Broadcasting Culture Fund Award Incentive award Fruits Delivery Service