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Michiko Ooishi

Michiko Ooishi

Date of Birth
April 21, 1965
Graduate of Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts (1989). 2005-2007: Tokyo University of the Arts, Dept. of Film Production. 2007: MA in Film and New Media. 2008: debut as a scriptwriter for commercial movies. Since 2010 part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts. Since 2014 part-time lecturer at Kyoritsu Women’s University, Faculty of International Studies. Since 2023 Professor at Tokyo University of the arts, Graduate School of Film and New Media.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
screenplay (live action) 2008 Tōnan kadobeya nikai no onna (A woman who lives in a southeast corner room upstairs) Supported by Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, invited to competition at Jeonju International Film Festival
screenplay (live action) 2010 GeGeGe no Nyōbō (GeGeGe’s wife) Played in Chinese and Japanese Movie Week at Shanghai International Film Festival
screenplay (live action) 2013 Gakutai no Usagi (A rabbit of the Band) Recommended by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan Tokyo International Film Festival, Japanese Film Splash Division
screenplay (live action) 2014 Drive-in Gamou (The roadside restaurant Gamou)
teleplay (animated) 2018 Animation de tsutaeru Hibakusha karano Tegami- Anata e (Letters from Hibakusha – To you)
teleplay (live action) 2021 NHK Special Drama “Starlight Waltz” Joint script, Asian Academy Creative Awards・National Winner 2021
Radio script 2021 NHK FM Theater, Kuchizusande Shanson (Chanson on the Lips)
others 2022 「奇跡のプリマ・ドンナ ―オペラ歌手・三浦環の「声」を求めて―」 KADOKAWA刊 書籍(ノンフィクション)