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Shinya Ayabe

Shinya Ayabe

Date of Birth
October 16, 1980
Ayabe studied under the so-called genius, Shion Sono. As an assistant director, Ayabe participated in the production of numerous movies including ”Shinjuku Swan” (2015) and ”Antiporno” (2017). He made his debut as a director for feature film with the movie ”The Werewolf Game: Crazy Fox” in 2015, which later became a popular franchise.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Stream (Live-Action) 2015 Minna! Esper da yo! ~Yokubou darake no Love Wars~
Movie (Live-Action) 2015 The Werewolf Game: Crazy Fox
Movie (Live-Action) 2017 The Werewolf Game: Lovers
Movie (Live-Action) 2018 The Werewolf Game: Inferno
Movie (Live-Action) 2018 Zenigata
Movie (Live-Action) 2019 The Peers: Connecting the People
Movie (Live-Action) 2019 Shiba Park
TV (Live-Action) 2022 Oishi Kyushoku
Movie (Live-Action) 2022 ねこ物件
Movie (Live-Action) 2024 おいしい給食 Road to イカメシ