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Motohiro Shirakawa

Motohiro Shirakawa

Date of Birth
November 12, 1974
Shirakawa has been in charge of planning and directing game opening videos, programs, apps and more. His specialty are expressions using characters. He has received numerous awards including the BDA Award, JAA Gold Award and more. His exhibition ”SUKE SUKE EXHIBITION -A look inside the world-”, honored as the Jury Selections at the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival, was held nationwide.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Game 2018 Konami ”Power Pros” Opening Movie
Stream (Animation) 2017 The Finale Song
Game 2015 App ”Mrs.remy's TouchFood”
Game 2011 App ”Mr.shape's TouchCard”
Movie (Animation) 2012 NARUTO Movie Theater gift DVD Special Opening Movie
TV (Animation) 2012 Glico Calorie Control Ice ”Hello Kitty” TV Commercial

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2018 Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival [Fukuoka Panorama], Miyagi Sendai Animation Grand Prix 2018 [Grand Prix] The Finale Song
2009 2009 Ottawa International Animation Festival [Official Competition], Miyagi Sendai Animation Grand Prix 2009 [Excellence Award] ORIGINAL SHORT MOVIE: Pittanko! Taiyou-sensei to Pittanko
2009 Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2010 [Special Program]、2009 Asia Digital Art Award Fukuoka [Excellence Award] ORIGINAL SHORT MOVIE: ”Mr.shape”
2010 Monstra Festival 2011 [Japan Animation Today], Hiroshima International Animation Festival[Special Program],31st Telly Awards[Bronze] Fujio Akatsuka Exhibition Entrance Movie