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Tsuyoshi Takamura

Tsuyoshi Takamura

Date of Birth
August 15, 1978
After directing and producing motion graphics, VFX and 3DCG, Takamura started to plan and produce interactive works. He combines movie and interaction while using his know-how for movie production and creates Apps as well as web, AR and VR content.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Game 2019 Kanmon Strait Museum"Kanmon Diver"
Game 2018 Fukuoka Zoo/ZooLab "Doko kara basu" "Kurukuru hyō hon" "Zoo Tuber"
Game 2017 Fukuoka City Science Museum"Planet Planter"
Game 2015 Nikon Museum ”Universe of Nikon: Nikon ga hiraku sekai”
Game 2015 App ”Mrs.remy's TouchFood”
Game 2015 App ”Mr.shape'S WorkWork”
Game 2013 Fukuoka City Museum Permanent Exhibition: AR content
Game 2011 App ”Mr.shape's TouchCard”

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2018 6th Digital Ehon Award [Good Design Award:General category: Special Jury Prize Tsuguhiko Kadokawa Award] Planet Planter
2011 GOOD DESIGN AWARD2013 [Good Design Award] KADC Award 2012 [Nominiation]15th Japan Media Arts Festival [Jury Selections], 15th JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVA [Jury Selection iTunes Rewind 2011 [Best iPad App (Category Education) Best 5] App ”Mr.shape's TouchCard”