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Kazutaka Ikeda

Kazutaka Ikeda

Date of Birth
April 26, 1982
Born 1982 in Fukuoka Prefecture. Ikeda joined the studio KOO-KI in 2007 and is not only active in planning and directing but also creates CGs, animations and motion graphics for commercials, music videos, game opening movies etc.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
TV (Animation) 2019 Asobism "GUNBIT" TV CM, PV
Game 2019 Nintendo ”Nintendo Switch Online” Introduction movie
Stream (Animation) 2018 Mitsui Fudosan ”3 pun de wakaru Wheelchair Rugby” Introduction movie
Stream (Animation) 2017 AUTHENTIC JAPAN "COCOHELI" Introduction movie
Stream (Animation) 2017 QTNet BBIQ ”BIN! BIN! BBIQ” Promotion Movie
Game 2017 Nintendo ”Nintendo Switch Parental Controls” Introduction movie
TV (Animation) 2016 Nishi-Nippon Railroad ”Recruitment of Nishitetsu Group Bus Drivers” Part TV Commercial
TV (Animation) 2016 Sujahta Meiraku Group ”Sujahta Boya toujou” Part TV Commercial
TV (Animation) 2014 Futawa Gyoza Kingdom ”Oukoku toujou” Part TV Commercial
TV (Animation) 2014 Drama ”Mentai piriri” Opening movie

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2015 37th Telly Awards [Art Direction Silver][Use of Animation Bronze], VFX-JAPAN Awards 2015 [CM/Promotion video section Excellence Award] Gyoza Kingdom ”Oukoku toujou” Part
2014 KADC Awards 2014 [Selection] Drama ”Mentai piriri” Opening movie