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Mika Abe

Mika Abe

Date of Birth
June 30, 1971
English level
Conversational level
Mika Abe was born to a full-time farmer in Yamagata prefecture Japan. "Living is eating" is one of her life-long themes.
Recent years, Mika Abe has been writing novels and manga originals in addition to screenplays.

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  1. TITLE

    Rainbow Panties

    Genre: Comedy , Drama , Romance
  2. TITLE

    The Day I Was Naked

    Genre: Drama , Romance

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
TV Drama 2020 Great! Hikaru Genji
TV Drama (Period Drama ) 2007 Kagerō no Tsuji
TVAnime 2009 Aoi Bungaku Series Kokoro(Original Work by Souseki Natsume)
Radio Drama 2012 ”Yakeppachi's MARIA”(Original Work by Osamu Tezuka)
Novel 2012 Yuki Manma
TVAnime 2013 Danchi Tomoo
Movie 2015 Miss. Doc
Novel 2016 Happy Yellow Bus - Story of Tokyo Bus Girls
TV Anime(Period Drama ) 2017 Onihei
TVAnime 2018 Forest of Piano

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2002 Nippon Television Senario Toryumon Outstanding Performance Award Bone That Does Not Sink
2004 Creative Television Drama Prize Outstanding Performance Award Unbendable River
2009 International Drama Festival Tokyo Drama Award Local Drama Prize Okome no Namida
2014 NHK Tohoku District Broadcasting Custom Prize Individual Award
2016 Yamagata International Movie Festival Best Performance Award Selected by Viewers Kitchen