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Kayoko Kusano

Kayoko Kusano

Kayoko Kusano has studied piano, vocal music, and Italian vocal music since she was three years old. She was drawn to composing by the age of five. After being inspired by a group in the Japanese rock scene during junior high, Kusano eventually joined a band when she enrolled at Kansai University. After her group disbanded, she began her career as a solo singer-songwriter by the name of “Kayoko” in 2007. On her 35th birthday, February 25, 2019, she changed her stage name to her real name “Kayoko Kusano.” Kusano works on music for many artists and anime, such as LiSA, with her ability to produce touching yet powerful melodies.

Outstanding works

Title Artist Affiliation Notes
Gurenge LiSA Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Reboot: RAVEN Kisida Kyodan & The Akebosi Rockets
ADAMAS LiSA Sword Art Online Alicization
Natsu no Yakusoku Inori Minase √HAPPY+SUGAR=VACATION
Thrill wo Choudai Fairy April Band Yarouze!

Performing artists

Artist Notes
Fairy April
Inori Minase