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Naoki ”naotyu-” Chiba

Naoki ”naotyu-” Chiba

Naoki produces a variety of genres of music. His strength is to create dynamic melodies with a delicate coding. At the dawn of the new technological era in ear-ly 2000, he started producing and releasing his songs on various websites, gath-ering attention as a young sound producer.
Since 2010, he has mainly produced songs for Japanese pop culture, anime, games, voice actors/actresses and idols.

Outstanding works

Title Artist Affiliation Notes
Zettai Yuujyo Sengen! magical2
LINKS Sachika Misawa ending song for A Certain Scientific Railgun S
Insert song for As Miss Beelzebub Likes Insert song for As Miss Beelzebub Likes
Ring of Fortune Eri Sasaki theme song for Plastic Memories
Zenryoku Shoujo Momoiro Clover

Performing artists

Artist Notes
Eri Sasaki
An Cafe
theme songs for games.
theme songs for anime.