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Mitani Shintaro

Mitani Shintaro

Date of Birth
April 4, 1986
Shintaro Mitani learnt scenario writing at Scenario Center and later worked as a plot writer at Oscar Promotion. In addition to screenplay, he writes for events and broadcasting programs.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
teleplay (live action) 2019 Honki no Shirushi (The Serious Red Flag) Koji Fukada’s (awarded in Cannes Film Festival 2016) first drama as director. Scripts for all ten episodes.
screenplay (live action) 2019 Natsu no Yozora to Aki no Yuhi to Fuyu no Asa to Haru no Kaze (Summer Night Sky, Autumn Setting Sun, Winter Morning and Spring Wind) Scripts for all the episodes of omnibus (together with the director).
support for screenplay (live action) 2015 Corpse Party Support for screenplay
Play script 2018 Animeteleto x =LOVE Stage Project “Girl Friend Beta” Starring the idol group “=LOVE.”
video game scenario 2018 Princess Connect! Re:Dive Character planning
video game scenario 2015 Princess Connect! Wrote profiles and scenarios for more than half of the characters.
Novel 2018 Knights of the Sound-Table