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Akihiro Dobashi

Akihiro Dobashi

Date of Birth
December 19, 1969
English level
Conversational level
Akihiro Dobashi was born in 1969. He is from Osaka prefecture, and currently lives in Tokyo prefecture. Akihiro Dobashi has graduate from Kansai University with a major of engineering. After working in Hitachi Ltd., started Web creation company. Later, Akihiro Dobashi worked on scenario writing, novel writing, movie directing, VR filming and manga writing. His hobby is fishing and travelling overseas.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Movie 2014 Samurai Hustle
Movie 2016 Samurai Hustle Returns
Movie 2019 Samurai Shifters
TV Drama 2017 TV Drama 2017The Father, Nobunaga
TV Drama 2017 TV Drama 2017”Muyoan Retirement Training” Series
TV Drama 2018 TV Drama 2018Investor Z
Novel 2014 Bakumatsu Marathon Samurai
Novel 2015 A Step Before the Heaven
Novel 2017 Chaplin Assassination Order
play script(translation) 2018 Smiling

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2010 Izu Literature Award Novel ”Kaien”
2010 Hakodate Harbor Illumination Film Festival Grand Prize Scenario Writing ”Smiling”
2011 TBC Drama Series Grand Prize Scenario Writing ”Scarlett Article”
2014 38th Japan Academy Prize Outstanding Performance Award Movie ”Samurai Hustle”
2018 The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Award Television Show Sector Outstanding Performance Award Television Drama ”The Father, Nobunaga”