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Ayane Ushio

Ayane Ushio

After working at a game company, I became independent. My main activities include planning and directing new titles, as well as writing scripts for novels, audio CDs, game scenarios, and staged readings.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Game 2012 PSP「Juuza-engi」 Sub-scenario and Assistant
Game 2013 PSP「NORN9」 Director and Main Scenario Writer
Game 2015 vita「NORN9 LAST ERA」 Main Scenario Writer
other scripts 2013~ Audio CDs「NORN9」 Script
Play 2013~2015 Stages「NORN9」 Script
Novel 2016~2017 Novel「Home, Honey Home」 Original Story and Scenario
other scripts 2016 Audio CDs「Home, Honey Home」 Script
Game 2022 switch「even if TEMPEST」 Director and Main Scenario Writer
Game 2023 switch「even if TEMPEST Dawning Connections」 Director and Main Scenario Writer