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Ken Takeuchi

Ken Takeuchi

Date of Birth
English level
Graduated from Keio University in 1983 and joined Daiei Corporation.
In 1997, he became a director of the same studio and in 1998 an executive director.
After leaving the company in 2002, he became the executive director of Artport Inc. In 2003, he entered Tsuburaya Entertainment and was inaugurated as the president.
After leaving Tsuburaya Entertainment in 2007, he established the production company Travis, where he is currently serving as representative director.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Movie (Live-Action) 2021 Tomorrow's Dinner Table https://movies.kadokawa.co.jp/ashitanoshokutaku/
TV (Animation) 2020 年の差婚 https://www.mbs.jp/toshinosakon/
Movie (Live-Action) 2020 Shirai-san https://shiraisan.jp/
Movie (Live-Action) 2017 The Lowlife http://saitei-movie.jp/
Movie (Live-Action) 2016 Birthday Card https://www.birthdaycard-movie.jp/
Movie (Live-Action) 2014 Mother
Movie (Live-Action) 2011 Tomie: Unlimited
Movie (Animation) 2010 Cheburashka http://www.cheb-project.com/
Movie (Live-Action) 2006 Yaneura no sanposha
Movie (Live-Action) 2006 Ningen-isu

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2017 40th Awards of the Japanese Academy Best Supporting Actress Birthday Card