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Koichi Shibuya

Koichi Shibuya

Date of Birth
May 23, 1965
English level
Born in Koriyama City, Fukushima. Graduated from Meiji University Faculty of Commerce.
Was involved in acquiring shares of Warner Bros. when launching the DVD standard at Toshiba.
After leaving Toshiba, he gained experience in movie production at Space Shower and eventually joined Nikkatsu. He was in charge as programming manager, international department manager and advertising director.
After leaving Nikkatsu, he joined a game producing company and produced games for smartphones including "Girls & Panzer: Great Tankery Operation!".
In 2017, he made his comeback as a producer and started to plan film projects related to game content, like "FINAL FANTASY VIX Dad of Light" and "Yuube wa Otanoshimi Deshita ne".
He is an online gamer with many hours of play time of MMORPGs.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
TV (Live-Action) 2022 Players https://www.wowow.co.jp/drama/original/enjiya/
TV (Live-Action) 2020 May-December Marriage https://www.mbs.jp/toshinosakon/
Movie (Live-Action) 2019 Enjiya reDESIGN https://enjiya-redesign.com/
Movie (Live-Action) 2019 Brave Father Online: Our Story of Final Fantasy XIV https://gaga.ne.jp/hikarinootosan/
TV (Live-Action) 2019 Yuube wa Otanoshimi Deshita ne https://www.mbs.jp/yutano/
TV (Live-Action) 2017 Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light https://hikarinootosan.jp/
Movie (Live-Action) 2011 May'n THE MOVIE -Phonic Nation- 3D https://www.allcinema.net/cinema/338271
Movie (Live-Action) 2009 Oarai nimo Hoshi wa Furunari (Chasing My Girl) https://eiga.com/movie/54591/
Movie (Live-Action) 2006 Kurai tokoro de machiawase https://movies.yahoo.co.jp/movie/325799/
TV (Live-Action) 2004 Dame nari! https://www.kadokawa-pictures.jp/official/damenari/