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Shoji Yonemura

Shoji Yonemura

Date of Birth
June 7, 1964
English level
Graduate of Tokyo Zokei University, Faculty of Design. While working as an event planner, staff at a vocational college or freelance writer for Arakawa CATV, he participated in many Film Festivals. Trained as a scenario writer under Hiroshi Kashiwabara in the Scenario Course of Japan Writers Guild. Awarded 7th Otomo Shoji Award for Scenario. Mainly scripts for Animation.

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  1. TITLE

    Devil Eater: The Girl Who Consumes Evil Spirits

    Genre: Horror , Romance , Crime

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
screenplay (live action) 2011 Let’s go Kamen Raidā (Let’s go Masked Rider)
screenplay (live action) 2012 Sūpā Hīrō Taisen (Superhero War)
screenplay (live action) 2011 Chō Den’ō Torirojī (Ultra Den’oh Trilogy, episode YELLOW)
screenplay (animated) 2019 Soreike! Anpan man - Kirameke! Aisu no kuni no banira-hime (Go go! Anpan man – Twinkle twinkle Princess Vanilla of Land of Ice Cream)
screenplay (animated) 2017 Poketto monsutā – kimi ni kimeta ! (Pocket Monster – It’s you!)
screenplay (animated) 2018 Purikyua Sūpāsutāzu! (PreCure Superstars!)
teleplay (animated) 2019 Poketto monsutā series (Pocket Monster series)
teleplay (animated) 2019 One Piece
teleplay (live action) 2010 Kamen Raidā, Kabuto, Dikeido (Masked Rider, Kabuto, Decade)
teleplay (animated) 1997 Rupan Sansei-warusā P38 (Lupin III Walther P38)

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2002 Grand Prize at Annecy International Animated Film Festival (Short Film Division) Atama-yama (Head becomes Mountain)
2002 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film nominee Atama-yama (Head becomes Mountain)