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Shinichi Hisamatsu

Shinichi Hisamatsu

Date of Birth
October 23, 1960
English level
Conversational level
After teaching legendary writer, Sou Kuramoto, for two years at Hurano Academy, Shinichi Hisamatsu started working as a scenario writer. Since then, Shinichi Hisamatsu has written many TV dramas and movies that are focused on representing humanity in different categories. In 2016, movie, “64 Rokuyon” series have become a hit with more than 2.7 million theater audiences.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
TV Drama 1993 Nakitai Yoru mo Aru
TV Drama 2001 Gyakuten no Natsu
TV Drama 2002 Chinmoku no Alibi
TV Drama 2004 Shujin no Dilemma
TV Drama 2004 Genkai~To My Ocean
TV Drama 2011 Kikyou(Coming Home)
TV Drama 2011 Saisei Kyoryu
TV Drama 2015 Gyakuten Bengoshi - Yabuhara
TV Drama 2016 Kinpika
Movie 2016 64 Rokuyon Part 1/Part 2

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2004 Hoso Bunka Foundation Award TV Drama Sector Award Genkai~To My Ocean
2011 ATP Award Television Grand Prize Drama Sector Outstanding Performance Award Saisei Kyoryu
2017 Japan Academy Prize Outstanding Performance Award 64 Rokuyon Part 1
2017 Japan Academy Prize Outstanding Scenario Writing Award 64 Rokuyon Part 1