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Yasufumi Tsuchiya

Yasufumi Tsuchiya

Date of Birth
October 24, 1961
English level
Conversational level
Yasufumi Tsuchiya grew up in Osaka. After completing the "Scenario Course" organized by Japan Writers Guild, he studied under Tatsuhiko Kamoi. In 1993, when he was working as a producer in Shochiku Geino, he debuted with "Getsuyō Onna no Sasupensu 'Joshidaisei ga Kieta' (Monday Women's Suspense 'A College Girl Disappeared')."

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  1. TITLE

    The Curious Tale of an Ooedo Sex Doll

    Genre: Drama , Mystery , Historical

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
teleplay (live action) 2006 Undercover Boss Ga-me
teleplay (live action) 2007 Asakusa Fukumaru Ryokan (Asakusa Fukumaru Inn)
teleplay (live action) 2008 Keiji no Shōmei (Proof of Detective)
teleplay (live action) 2011 Hokkaidō Keisatsu (Hokkaido Police)
teleplay (live action) 2020 Tetsudō Keisatsukan Sōsa Fairu (Railway Police Investigation Files)
teleplay (live action) 2020 Tōban Bengoshi Kajiwara Fujiko no Jiken Fairu (Duty Lawyer Kajiwara Fujiko's Case Files)
screenplay (live action) 2000 Shin Otokogi Gekijōban (The Manly Spirit)
screenplay (live action) 2006 The Haunted Samurai
screenplay (live action) 2017 Sensō wa Zaiaku de Aru (War is Sinful)
screenplay (live action) 2019 Toki no Kōro (Path of Time)

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2018 Honorable Mention at Japan Film Restoration Awards Sensō wa Zaiaku de Aru (War is Sinful)
2019 Japan Film Restoration Award Toki no Kōro (Path of Time)